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Josh Jensen
02-14-2007, 07:24 PM
I should have created a new thread for this last night, instead of mixing the topic up in another thread.

The author of a Pathstorm review commented on the step-by-step tutorials in Pathstorm, something that has been critical to teaching the game to some people and way overkill for others.

The tutorials were very... explicit. But that works well for some people. The suggestion I would make (and I haven't tried the tutorial changes in RC3 yet) is to combine some of the tutorial steps. Particularly the text that talks about revealing an item, then you have to press next before the "click here" arrow shows up. Combine those two and you lose none of your tutorial, but minimize the clicks.

We made dramatic strides on the tutorials for the posted Pathstorm RC3. The biggest changes resulted in a lot of text removals and a new interface for displaying the tutorial description text, including Click Anywhere to Continue.

We just went through all tutorials again this morning. I'm going to upload a new RC3 over the top of the current one shortly with a few more removals we made.

What does everyone think about the Pathstorm RC3 tutorials?


Josh Jensen
02-14-2007, 08:25 PM
The new build is posted. It is at the same download location listed on the website. If you have the older RC3 build, there is nothing in the new one that should make you rush out to download it.