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Default Pathstorm 1.4 Build 1970 Released!

Hey, everyone. You wanted our editor support exposed, so we did it in this build. Have fun building levels, and be sure to upload them to the User Favorites forum when you've got something to show. We'd love to play them!

Changes from 1.3 to 1.4:
  • Build your own levels! Our previously hidden level editor has been fully exposed, cleaned up, and is fun to use!
  • Support for sending emails through SMTP. Gmail's SMTP server, for instance, is
  • Windowed mode fix for 800x600 displays.
  • Ball could flip tiles that shouldn't be flipped, leaving them invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents a user mask's width from exceeding 20.
  • Puzzle menu updates for variable speed balls.
  • Clear the widescreen borders when full screen.
  • When deleting the config.dat and not the ProfileData/ directory, repopulation of the standard journey levels would result in bad levels. Fixed.
  • Some random crashes when shutting the game down at certain points.
  • Several other miscellaneous usability enhancements.
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