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Default New level: Long Path

Here's my new level! There is a VERY LONG path through (nearly) all objects, started in the bottom-left 6x6 square!
On the way there are tricky spirals with Bouncers (you have to use your ears!), a box of Twirlers, an area with Shifters and at the end an area with everything (except Splitters). Use Scramblers to detect all objects and after that try to find the correct orientation of objects in the bottom area.
Start the level from the right side of the bottom-left 6x6 square.
There are some "checkpoints" on the way (they lead to the same exit) so you don't have to roll through the whole board again and again.
After finishing Explore the level and watch the ball rolling through the whole board!
I really enjoyed creating and playing this level.
Have a nice playing!

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