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Lightbulb How about a Slow-Motion option??

Hey guys,
HolliAnne and I were saying, in another thread, how it's still hard to get the hang of shifters and twirlers (in FTE levels inparticular). Here's what I posted there--

I cant get the hang of shifters, and to a lesser degree, twirlers, either. It's worse when they are right next to each other...egad try to figure out where the ball went if you get 2 shifters next to or adjacent to each other...! Hey guys I have an idea...maybe for the next version...What would be cool is a slow-motion option. Where you could choose it and then release a ball, and it would move slowly (like the 'yellows' in variable ball speed). Then go back to normal speed when you unchoose it.
I think that would be quite helpful in getting the hang of shifters and twirlers when they appear in complicated boards.
What do y'all think?
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