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Originally Posted by HolliAnne View Post
I have played through from Novice to expert - regular & junior about 6 times now.
Wow. Do you Reset the Journey each time so the Journey is generated with different levels, or do you delete your player profile and make a new one so you can play the same levels over again?

Also, by regular and junior, I assume you mean Regular and Kids Mode. Do you have a favorite of the two modes? We've been talking about making the Kids Mode (where the balls are visible) the default when you first start the game to see if people like that more than Regular Mode (where the balls are invisible).

Originally Posted by HolliAnne View Post
No matter how hard I try & how much I practice I STILL can not get the hang of the shifters when I play find the exits! Which way are they going? UGH!!
When I was about to clip some text for you with a better Shifters description from Pathstorm's documentation, I noticed that in the Pathstorm 1.2 build we shipped, the documentation didn't ship! Ack! I checked on a build from one of our distributors, and the documentation did ship, but there isn't a link on the Start menu to it.


Access our documentation at Search for Shifters in the documentation to get to the text I'm quoting below:
Shifters spin either clockwise or counterclockwise. When a ball hits a Shifter, the ball is shifted one tile in the direction of the Shifter's spin. When the one tile shift is complete, the ball travels in its original direction. Shifters are represented by purple flasher bars on the sides of the screen.

Example: A ball is traveling up and hits a clockwise spinning Shifter. The ball will be shifted left by one tile and then continue rolling up.

If an object is in the neighboring tile, that object cancels the shift, and the ball is affected by the object normally.

Example: A ball is traveling down and hits a clockwise spinning Shifter. The ball is shifted one tile to the right where a Bouncer is present. The Bouncer affects the ball as if it were originally coming from the left. The ball does not continue in its original direction.
Also, the Shifters Playground on the Journey map is a great way to learn them better. Still, if there is anything more I can do to clarify Shifters, let me know. We'll have an update to Pathstorm coming out soon (with Mac OS X support), and we may be able to tweak some things to your liking.

Originally Posted by HolliAnne View Post
Still addicted

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