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Wow. Do you Reset the Journey each time so the Journey is generated with different levels, or do you delete your player profile and make a new one so you can play the same levels over again?
I do...I use all the names of our animals & play with them. Kids Mode and Regular. I also challenge myself to get a perfect score all the time (yes I'm weird ) Yesterday was the first day I actually reset a journey. I honestly did not realize it changed the puzzle!! YEAH!!!

Also, by regular and junior, I assume you mean Regular and Kids Mode. Do you have a favorite of the two modes? We've been talking about making the Kids Mode (where the balls are visible) the default when you first start the game to see if people like that more than Regular Mode (where the balls are invisible).
I did the kids mode in the beginning to figure out how the game worked. I then played Regular but I was sure it would be too hard. Surprisingly enough I didn't find it that difficult. I might not have enjoyed the game as much if I began in regular mode but I guess I'll never know Now I can go back to kids mode & it REALLY simple.

I think it would be a good idea to default start in Kids mode.

A husband was getting real tired of all the "bings & bongs" so I put my headphones on and boy does that help find those little buggers!!!

When I was about to clip some text for you with a better Shifters description from Pathstorm's documentation, I noticed that in the Pathstorm 1.2 build we shipped, the documentation didn't ship! Ack! I checked on a build from one of our distributors, and the documentation did ship, but there isn't a link on the Start menu to it.

Thanks for the link - I will keep it bookmarked. I do believe it would have helped to have that. The turtorials are good but I always felt I wanted a little more instruction. I got the game through Big Fish Games so I'm not sure what build I have but there was no help anywhere. That's what led me to find this forum - I was looking for help!

Thanks for being here!

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